Anya Barbieri

Anya is the Cornwall group Associate Research Assistant and workshop co-ordinator.  Additionally she led the second workshop series, ‘Towards Zero Waste’ as an expert consultant in knitting. In tandem with showing the film documentary ‘Unravel’ Anya shared her unique sustainable approach to using old knitwear for ‘unravelling and re-knitting’ into new items.

Irene Griffin

Irene is the Cornwall group Research Assistant based at the Environment & Sustainability Institute on the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus where she also works as a Technical Instructor for BA (Hons) Textile Design at Falmouth University. In her ten years of teaching she has specialized in embroidery and colouration using natural plant dyes, and is committed to sharing and promoting the use of traditional textile crafts to create and embellish clothing.


Professor Fiona Hackney

Fiona is Professor of Fashion Theory, at the University of Wolverhampton, and is the project lead for the Wolverhampton part of the project.  She has published extensively on sustainable fashion, interwar women’s magazines, social design, design history, gender and design, crafting and critical making, amateur and participatory practice, material heritage, health and wellbeing. Fiona leads the Material Theories & Practices research group in the Faculty of Art and has recently published a co-edited collection on interwar women’s magazines for Edinburgh University Press (2018).

Katie Hill

Katie is the research assistant for the Wolverhampton part of the project, and is based in the University of Wolverhampton where she also lectures in contextual studies for design, user research methods, and community engagement.  She specialises in co-design research and working with communities on social and environmental change. She has worked on numerous AHRC Connected Communities projects, and has an interest in crafting, stitching, and re-purposing clothes and textiles.

Professor Clare Saunders

Clare is Professor in Politics based in the Environment & Sustainability Institute on the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall. She is Principal Investigator for the S4S project. Clare has extensive research expertise in environmental politics and activism, and has published numerous journal articles and books on this topic.  She has been interested for a long time in how one might encourage people to care for (and about) their clothes, and in the social and environmental implications of complex global supply chains within the clothing industry.

Dr Jodie West

Jodie is the Knowledge and Impact Co-ordinator responsible for turning our findings into useful guidance for policy-makers.  She is an expert in cultural geography with research and practical interests in sustainability and renewable energy.  Jodie was seconded to the project from her role as an Impact and Partnership Development Manager, building relationships between the University of Exeter’s Environment & Sustainability Institute, and businesses in Cornwall.

Dr Joanie Willett

Joanie is a Senior Lecturer in Politics with the University of Exeter and is based in the Environment & Sustainability Institute at the Penryn Campus. As Co-investigator for the S4S project Joanie is exploring emotions and feelings that clothing can evoke and how our relationships with clothes can affect what we choose to buy.  Joanie has a long-standing interest in making, mending and re-purposing clothing and is fascinated by how these practices which were deemed as ‘uncool’ during the 80s & 90s have now actually become quite ‘hipster’.