Our leaflets show case the activities that we undertook on the project and aim to inspire others to engage with our approach. Each leaflet relates to a project workshops series.

They illustrate how we combined craft and design skills to encourage people to rethink the fashion cycle. Each leaflet describes the workshop series, reports on participants’ reactions and includes ideas for your own making and mending projects.

We hope that you will feel inspired to use and modify the ideas to build on them in your own creative practice.

We designed our leaflets with a vintage feel, inspired by 1940s patterns that we used in one of our workshop series.

We worked with visual communication designer Joshua Grice in the production of our leaflets.

You can download PDFs of our leaflets by clicking on the images to the right.

Fluff to Fibre

Towards Zero Waste

Make Do & Mend

Second Hand & Ethical

(De) Constructive (Re) Constructive Knitting

Vintage Pattern Cutting

Invisible Mending

Re-make, Re-purpose, Upcycle