Stacey Dooley Investigates Fast Fashion

It’s funny how when you begin to look at something, all of a sudden everyone seems to be looking at it! Only 2 weeks ago S4S prepared a PowerPoint presentation to launch the Second-hand and Ethical workshop series happening at Krowji in Cornwall. One of the slides showed a photograph of the devastating environmental impact of over farmed land for cotton, namely the Aral Sea Basin.

The Aral Sea is the world’s largest endorheic lake which sits between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and has been intensively farmed for cotton for the fast fashion industry. Poor irrigation and land management has tragically caused the lake to dry up almost completely leaving a desert where there was once rich shipping waters

In the same week, a programme by BBC 3 documentary presenter Stacy Dooley, ‘Stacey Dooley Investigates – Are Your Clothes Wrecking the Planet?’ is aired telling the cataclysmic story of how over consumption of fast fashion is the driver behind this and other environmental catastrophes.

Following the television show, sustainable fashion champions, Fashion Revolution amongst other campaigners for change within the industry have applauded Stacey publicly on Twitter for taking the issue up and going mainstream, allowing exposure of the critical nature of the continued corporate fast fashion consumption agenda and it’s devastating consequences.

More can be found about the programme here;

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